I stumbled upon some images of microscopic cancer cells, and  immediately was fascinated by how visually appealing these monstrous cells were.  I studied them, learned why the colors were so bold, looked at various types of cancer at different stages, and played with composition while using color to bring out different areas of focus. The colors in each were ultimately chosen to create a “Pop Art” feel to help the heavy subject matter seem more approachable. 
     When viewing this body of work, I hope it can aid in confronting fear for those who are battling cancer or loss by visualizing it as a means of conquering it. Others may simply use the pieces to accept the fact that cancer and loss are a part of our natural world.  It may even evoke a sense that there can be beauty in destructive forces. Whatever the viewer’s opinion may be, it is always unpredictable.  Each person can take what they need from it and carry it with them. As an artist, I can only hope to have a visual dialog with my viewer and for them to continue this dialog.