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Michele Shibley is a technically trained artist.  She holds an MFA in Installation Art from Vermont College of Fine Arts, Montpelier, VT, 2014 and a BS in Art Education from Westfield State University, 2002. Michele is a full time high school Art teacher in Springfield, MA that teaches a variety of classes such as: Ceramics, Sculpture, Printmaking, and Foundations of Art.  In addition, she is an instructor of Advanced Hand Building at Easthampton Clay and the MTEL Specialist for the Visual Arts at Springfield College.  When Michele isn't teaching or making art, she is a mother of two beautiful girls, Amelia and Quinn Mae, who inspire her everyday.  Her husband, Edward Shibley, is a constant support of her art and helps to make her studio time a possibility.  

Artist Statement:

"Enigma of the Blossom: Otherworldly Botanical Portraits"

Artist: Michele Shibley

I pride myself on being a multimedia artist, consistently seeking mediums that propel my artistic vision forward through experimentation. Recently, I have immersed myself in the manipulation of soft silicone, crafting intricate moments of visual tension and focus set against the solid backdrop of ceramics and beadwork.

Within this collection, I delve into the depths of natural forms, drawing inspiration from the fluid contours of oceanic life, the intricate details of microscopic organisms, and the captivating complexity of biomorphic shapes. These forms, simultaneously familiar and fantastical, ignite a profound sense of wonder and awe that serves as the foundation of my creative expression. Nature's endless array of fantastical shapes continues to inspire the creation of my own imagined, otherworldly biomorphic life.

In each piece, I endeavor to encapsulate the essence of natural beauty while stretching the boundaries of imagination. Utilizing ceramics infused with mixed media elements, I mold and sculpt new realms of fantastical flora and growth, seamlessly merging reality with the realm of fantasy. Each artwork serves as a testament to the interconnectedness between the organic and the imaginary, inviting viewers to journey into realms where the limits of possibility are redefined.

Through infusing my creations with the spirit of biomorphic evolution, my aim is to evoke a profound sense of connectedness with the natural world, encouraging contemplation on the infinite possibilities of life. With my art, I aspire to awaken a sense of wonder and reverence for the boundless diversity of life that may exist beyond our own world.

In closing, I offer one of my favorite quotes from an artist I deeply admire:

“Don’t ask what the work is; rather, ask what the work does.” - Eva Hesse 

Artist Statement:

“Tapestries of Tradition: A Ceramic journey of clay, color, and culture.”

Artist: Michele Shibley

Using luscious, Terracotta and Stoneware as my canvas, generously coated with creamy white slip akin to icing, I indulge in my favorite palette of dark and light. Employing paper stencils as my guide, I meticulously design intricate patterns inspired by textile motifs from diverse cultures. These stencils are carefully positioned atop the moist clay surface, awaiting the application of slip, which I apply with expressive brushstrokes, infusing each stroke with intention and emotion. With delicate tools in hand, I carve intricate imagery into the clay's surface, transforming it into a tapestry of texture and form.

Once fired, the pieces undergo a transformative journey, immersed in a glossy clear glaze, enhancing the richness of their surface. Utilizing black underglaze, I accentuate the quiet moments within each piece, imbuing them with depth and drama.

Through this process, I strive to evoke a tapestry-like quality, where lines intertwine, and images find harmony in their placement. My aim is to create decorative objects that transcend mere ornamentation, serving as conduits for the beauty and vitality of my natural environment.

In each piece, I endeavor to capture the essence of exceptional beauty and playfulness, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world where art and nature intertwine in a mesmerizing dance 

Price List

Artist: Michele shibley

Image of Artwork


Viviformis Bulboso, 2024

Stoneware, underglaze, glaze, beads, acrylic medium


Sempervirensis, 2024

Stoneware. Underglaze, beads, silicone, acrylic medium


Michele shibley

Nebulaflorum, 2024

Stoneware, underglaze, silicone, beads, feathers, acrylic medium


Bioarcum intricatum, 2024

Stoneware, underglaze, engobes, glaze, beads


Morphodendrum crystallinus, 2024

Stoneware, underglaze,

engobes, beads,

Acrylic Medium


“Untitled” vase series, 2023

Terracotta, underglaze, engobes, glaze


“Untitled” vase series, 2023

Terracotta, underglaze, engobes, glaze


“Untitled” wine basket, 2023

Stoneware, engobes, glaze


Of a symbiotic nature, 2021

Fiber, beads, yarn, meat



All work that is for sale can be purchased via: Cash, Venmo, Cash App, and Square.  Please inquire with Michele at 413-519-7521 or  TY